HiRO is an advanced leader in innovative products for industrial automation, measurement, control systems, data transmission, telephony technologies and more.

Our engineering team is knowledgeable and highly experienced and able to tackle any project. Our facilities are certified in manufacturing and specialized in the design, engineering, and manufacturing of innovative products. Our products have durability, precision, innovation, efficiency and cost-effective. For this reason, we have enjoyed a long-lasting well-known and solid reputation.

Proven experience in electronics, printed circuit boards, prototyping, manufacturing process and integration of products in applications and solutions.

HiRO – Your Reliable Connection!!

About Us

HiRO – Your Reliable Connection

Hiro Inc. founded in 2001 supplying V.92 56K Modem, Wired and Wireless Networking and Consumer Electronics to various channels providing stable, high quality products.

With millions of units sold since 2001, we’ll endeavor ourselves to serve you as we always were and we never stop thinking how we could serve you better.

All HiRO's products are Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7 Compatible